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Reliability Softwares

Shaft Alignment Software:
  • Simple Shaft alignment software
  • Easy to use by technicians, engineers and inspectors
  • One step Vertical and horizontal correction
  • Just plug in reading and get what to do

Reliability Soft ware:

  • MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) Software, that helps customer to view all equipment and manage improving reliability.
  • Bad Actor Management, Selection of Bad actors, set up a program to solve bad actors list, how to set up an automatic cost of bad actors and how can list of bad actors updated and produce cost saving
  • Equipment Availability: how to calculate equipment availability, how to see the big picture of equipment availability, how to improve equipment availability, calculation methods.
  • Cost to maintain, how can cost of maintenance affect plant profit, how to improve cost of maintenance

Steam Trap Reliability Management:
  • How to manage steam traps leaking
  • How to correct and repair steam traps
  • Easy to detect leaking steam traps
  • Steam loss calculations
  • Reports for cost steam traps repair and cost saving
  • Monthly report, quarterly report year end report